“Mariquita’s Crew – 2015 Racing Season”

  • George Newman
    George NewmanCaptainIt’s tough to tell these days whether George has more progeny or motorbikes in production, but either way it’s going to be an exciting 2015! Named as a frontrunner to replace Clarkson on Top Gear, he finished his own custom cafe racer this winter just in time to bring the boat and crew from the Cote d’Azur to the Solent.  After a decade on board, his metabolism may have slowed down over the years, but the rest of him is still raring to sail!   But Mariquita isn’t the only beauty in his life, with Suze and Jessica (who will be shipped off to a convent in the Hebrides at 16) and and brand-spanking-new Michael Newman here in town! He’s a fan of gunmetal gray, Haines manuals, and other peoples Haribo.
  • Matty Oates
    Matty OatesMateOften mistaken for a Canadian by his polite manner and love for maple syrup, people are surprised to find that Matty has, in fact, never clubbed a baby seal or used ‘eh’ at the end of a sentence!  Yes, American he is and what better way to prove it than with his impressive collection of comedy neckties and neon spandex unitards?  On the water, you can recognise him on deck as the one yelling for everyone to “stay low and to center!” and “has anyone seen my sunglasses?”  When he’s not sailing, he spends his time collating contact groups on Gmail and laminating nearly every sheet of A4 he can find.  He enjoys long walks home from the pub.  He dislikes the use of Google Maps.  
  • Dan Adam-Azikri
    Dan Adam-AzikriBosun/MastmanA man once so alternative, he made The Smiths look like Kanye, Dan has bid farewell to his longtime Sony Experia and has embraced the iPhone movement with open arms in 2015.  Having taken on the swashbuckling roles of both Mastman and Bosun this year, he stays warm at such dizzying heights with multiple layers of salopettes, and on the ready with stashes of scotch-brite™ in every pocket.  When the workday is done, Dan heads off to build his custom electric guitar, which currently has enough layers of paint on that one could carbon-date it.  In his spare time, Dan enjoys defending his life choices.  
    • Will Story
      Will StoryEngineer/Main Runner 1 Once called the “Tony Stark of Lincolnshire,” Will has come down from the snow capped mountains of Val d’Isere to open our eyes to the world of semi-professional lunging, and panda videos on YouTube.  Using this array of skills, this summer he takes on wrestling the main runners and avoiding photographs. When he’s not disassembling/clubbing/assembling engines, or closing the inlet valve in the crew head, he’s enjoying a good cocktail with Matty or he’s busy tickling Dan.  He’s one of the founding members of Neo-Curmudgeonism, the Nessie Alliance, and is often known by his street name “Lee Rail.”  He loves a good glass of sherry and a hug.  
      • Emily Dobson
        Emily DobsonChef/Stewardess and Topmast Runner 3What happens when you combine peanut butter and jam?  The same thing that happens when you combine the Chef and Stewardess positions: Awesomeness.  Emily joins Mariquita with the nigh-impossible task of taming six bacon-loving, dirt-attracting boys, and she does it with a patience that makes Mother Theresa look like a war criminal.  Looking to the future, she hopes to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics in the 19-metre freestyle, as she regularly goes swimming on the leeward rail as the winds get up in the Solent.  Emily enjoys ancient laptops, and being blissfully unaware of fascinating movie trivia.  She does not enjoy muddy anchor chains.
        • Guillaume Covat
          Guillaume CovatMain Runner 2Singlehandedly keeping the adult-sized animal costume market alive, Guillaume joined the boat last December after a lifetime spent on or in the water.  Although shy at first, our man from Biot quickly won over the crew with sweet sounds of his wooden jazz flute (not a euphemism) combined with errant hip-thrusting.  As our ambassador for France, he’s patiently taught the crew important French phrases such ‘degage’ and ‘mouette.’ Now able to do approximately 3,079 press ups without pause each morning, he risks pulling the mast out every time he hauls on the main runners, and has been seen to lift sails out of the laz with a single finger (possibly a euphemism?). He loves Brittany, English weather, and jogging on.
          • Will Gibbon
            Will GibbonBowmanKeep your hogs locked away once the sun goes down, because Gibbo’s in town!  The world’s foremost living consumer of bacon (Orson Welles is dead), Will joins the boat with a strong love for sailing and Taylor Swift.  From the green fields of Suffolk, Gibbo is the equivalent of our buxomed beauty on the bow, keeping his eyes peeled ahead as we cut through the Solent.  His t-shirts, however, do lack the plunging neckline and frilly lace of a traditional ship’s figurehead.  But needs must, as they say, and he certainly makes up for it with Jagerbombs in the pub!  Gibbo enjoys pirates, wearing his maintenance clothes at all times, and looking like a pirate by wearing his maintenance clothes at all times.  He is strongly allergic to vegetables.
            • Peter “Tubby” Brook
              Peter “Tubby” BrookPeter “Tubby” Brook- MainsheetmanDon’t let the kind smile and witty banter fool you folks, the Mainsheetman from Mersea is as hard and as sharp as nails once the start gun goes off!  Tubs is back for another season of precision trimming and gardening with our massive mainsail, all the while looking straight out of a Brooks Brothers catalog.  But the party isn’t over once we’re tied up to the dock, ‘cause that’s when our guy takes to the dance floor and busts out the moves that would make Fred Astaire look like Inspector Clouseau (we tried referencing Justin Timberlake to Jonah Hill, but Tubs didn’t get the metaphor).  He enjoys table-hopping at crew dinners, twerking, and strategically placed spectacles.

              “Mariquita’s Crew – 2014 Racing Season”

              “Mariquita’s Crew winning the Big Boat Class after three straight wins at Argentario Sailing Week in June 2014.”

              • George Newman
                George NewmanSkipperThe proud new father of the world’s most smiley baby, Jessica Lark Newman, George and his wife Suzy spend most of their spare time refining Peekaboo techniques these days.  But when he’s not talking in a cute, cuddly voice, classic yachting’s foremost film critic is always thinking up new projects to take on.  From elderflower champagne to a backyard pizza oven, from buying a pig to motorbiking through Morocco!  He’s excited for the upcoming racing season with the mix of new and old crew aboard the world’s most beautiful classic.  He is a big fan of surround sound, and yoghurt, and has a mild dislike for Harley Davidsons.
              • Matthew Oates
                Matthew OatesMateDespite having come from a tall ship sailing background, Matty is always striving for the best possible haste on the bow as he rolls into his second year as Mate. We are unsure if his enthusiasm for speed is fully related to results on the water, or because with only six knots of boat speed, Matty no longer needs to shave. Being the only representative from across the pond this year, Matty takes great care to uphold American traditional sailing skills by drinking many an Old Fashioned in the evenings. He enjoys a daily hash tag, tidying up ‘Pippa’s cabin’ and using hairdryers.
              • Billy Butler
                Billy ButlerBosun & Main Runner 1Once referred to by legendary TT racer Guy Martin as “Chief,” Billy has already taken 2014 by storm, placing second in the masochistic Devizes-Westminster marathon canoe race.  Billy’s love of the winter, sailing, and winter was cultivated in Brightlingsea, Essex, from whence came many of Mariquita’s orginal crew.  On the water, Billy fine-tunes the mainsail and jackyard topsail with the precision of a surgeon, and through tacks you can hear his voice echoing the call that we are indeed losing speed! He loves mobile wifi hotspots, deadlifts, and leg days.
              • Pippa Crowley
                Pippa CrowleyCook & Topmast Runner 3From the lovely countryside of East Sussex, Pippa was drawn to boats with the promise of champagne and expensive clothes.  And unlike most who chase myths, she has found those two things in abundance!  She makes up one half of the “Big Blonde Brain” onboard, the veritable beating heart of Mariquita that keeps our boys well fed, well clothed, and relatively hygienic.  When she’s not turning out mouth-watering meals in Mariquita’s small galley, she can be found kitesurfing around the world, from Madagascar to Kenya, and the Bahamas to Egypt.   She’s enjoys solo dancing, darkslides, and trophies.
                • Robyn Whitman
                  Robyn WhitmanStewardess & Main Runner 3From the waters of Lymington, Robyn is back for her second year aboard the ‘Quita!  The other crucial half of the “Big Blonde Brain,” she’s the hostess with the mostess, outfitting all the crew with the latest in our flash new gear and making any and all guests feel at home aboard.  It could have been blowing a hurricane on the water, but when Mariquita arrives back in port, the interior is gleaming along with Robs!  When she’s out and about, Robyn is riding waves and hangin’ ten, from Costa Rica to Fuertaventura.  She enjoys sandy beaches, yawls, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s early films.
                  • Matt Watson
                    Matt WatsonEngineer & Topmast Runner 1There have been reports that legendary music man Dave Grohl has been making the rounds of the classic Med regattas, but in actuality it’s been the voice and guitar of Mariquita engineer Matt Watson serenading them!  Matt leant slightly towards insanity this winter and decided that instead of a rotational engineer position on a massive yacht he wanted to sleep in the forepeak bunk of the world’s only 19m gaff cutter.   But embraced it he has, and few enjoy sweating halyards as much as he!  Outside of sailing, Matt is the majority shareholder in Berocca.  He enjoys Tahiti, dropping trou, and speaking French with a Spanish accent.
                    • Adam Norris
                      Adam NorrisMastman & Topmast Runner 2In the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Aw, struth! It’s Ads!  That’s right, our antipodean from Adelaide is back and rocking the birds-eye view once more as Mastman.  After turning out a trove of custom woodwork additions to the deck this winter, Ads is dedicating his summer to building a custom 1990s BMX bike.  But he doesn’t stop at park riding, and on the weekends in France you can see him tearing up the mountain tracks on his motorbike as well!  In his third year aboard Mariquita, Ads’ experience is helping guide and train our new crew.  He loves Heineken, Norwegian Pine, and Ollie G.’s music collection.
                      • Dan Adam-Azikri
                        Dan Adam-AzikriStaysail 1Though he may take a while to get ready, when Dan steps out he means business! From an early age Dan was cruising through the Pacific with his parents, where he came across the classic yacht Merrymaid, and from that point on he was hooked.   After a voyage around the Far East with that gaff cutter, he made his way to the Med to sail aboard yachts like the massive Creole and Avel, before coming to Mariquita. He’s stepped into the role of Staysail 1 this year, and he’s helping drive us down the race course ever faster.   He would like to give a shout out to Immodium, 2-ply bog roll, and accessible public toilets.  
                        • Ollie Gozzett
                          Ollie GozzettDeckhand & Staysail 2Just like Maverick in Top Gun, hearts are breaking around the world when women find out that our “Muscles from Mersey” is now a taken man!  Yet, no woman can truly tame the power of our double busy stays’l two, whether he’s hauling on a halyard at a blistering pace, or trimming to the millimeter.  Ollie is back for his third year on Mariquita with an even larger collection of mediocre pop music, and he’s not afraid to share it with the world.  He enjoys showering, Red Bull™, and going out-out.  He does not enjoy ‘shlids’ or the lack of sunshine when she’s gone.
                          • Frazer Anthony-Johns
                            Frazer Anthony-JohnsTopmast Runner 1He may have a double-barreled surname folks, but he’s as Cornish as they come! He was born on a surfboard in a pair of 6mm neoprene Y-fronts, and as he’s put it himself: “The only time I’ve spent on a sandy beach is the walk from the parking to the water.”  Shortly after arriving to Mariquita, Frazer enlisted the help of George and Ollie to start up a bootlegging operation for elderflower cordial and ginger beer, finally filling the supply gap in the local market.  French authorities are still on the hunt for them, as drinking anything but wine in France is illegal.  He likes ham, jamón, and pernil.  He dislikes carrots in imitation Cornish pasties.  And Somerset.
                            • Jérôme Collet
                              Jérôme ColletIt’s a bona fide Frenchman out on the bowsprit this year, and he ‘as all the moves both on and off the water!  When the ladies aren’t swooning, he’s out on the surf like other crewmembers riding the breakers.   Originally from Montpellier, he was the first snapped up by the crew of Shamrock V for their winter season in Cannes, and they passed their secret weapon onto us when spring came ‘round. Now, we’re harnessing the Gallic power and watching as J-Dawg calls us into the start line.  He dislikes French football.  He likes Richard Nixon, and the phrase “no way.”
                              • Tubby Brook
                                Tubby BrookMainsheetmanOur Mainsheetman extraordinaire is back to tame the mains’l of Mariquita once more! Although he denies it, there are those who believe that Tubby occasionally poses as a voice-over man for both Christian Bale’s Batman and Mr. Burns of The Simpsons, after a talent scout heard him rallying Mariquita’s crew into a hauling team for a mark rounding.  Tubby has been on board Mariquita for more years than most, though he never tires of it and can always be seen with a smile after a day’s racing.  He enjoys two-sixing, gardening, and is curious where “the other drugs were going.”
                                • Ollie Paul
                                  Ollie PaulIt’s a scientific fact: Chicks dig brightly coloured trousers.  And who better to prove that fact than our ambigiously-ginger rib driver?  He’s our ambassador, our reconnaissance, the first Mariquita face that a new port will see.  So when he pulls up alongside, rib agleam, he knows that he needs to make an impression.  From the Isle of Wight, where he cultivated his collection of colourful trousers, Ollie has grown up on and in the water.  He keeps a close eye to Mariquita on the water as our safety boat, and gets photographers into the perfect place for their shot, though he’s quite the photographer himself!  He loves prank texting, and Top of the Pops.  He dislikes Sambuca.